SJK Hunting partners with Outback Outdoors

June 3, 2014

SJK Hunting partners with Outback Outdoors
SJK Hunting partners with Outback Outdoors to test and evaluate new for fall 2014 hunting gear

With over 80 years of combined hunting experience, Outback Outdoors contributes extensively to the SJK Hunting design process

BOULDER, COLO. (For Immediate Release) –SJK Hunting (formerly Slumberjack), manufacturers of outdoor gear since 1957, is partnering with Outback Outdoors to test, evaluate, and provide feedback for a brand new line of hunting gear, launching for fall 2014. With decades of experience and hundreds of successful hunts, Outback Outdoors brings a priceless amount of knowledge to the SJK Hunting product design and development process.

Providing real world testing and feedback, Outback Outdoors helps SJK Hunting hone designs and vet features to create the most cutting edge hunting gear available. A collective of highly skilled and experienced hunters who spend much of the year creating video of their hunts for a regular segment on the Sportsman Channel, Outback Outdoors is an ideal partner for this collaboration.

“We’ve been making outdoor gear for over 50 years so when we set out to create a line of dedicated hunting gear, we already knew what works well for backpacking and camping,” said Russell Rowel, Vice President of SJK Hunting. “Since hunters have very specific gear needs, we wanted to get as much input as possible from highly experienced backcountry hunters. That’s why we partnered with Outback Outdoors. They have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help us create some of the most functional hunting gear on the market.”

Outback Outdoors is a team of three experienced hunters and outdoorsmen, including Trevon Stoltzfus VIDEO, Adam Wells VIDEO, and Dave Beronio VIDEO. Blending a passion for the hunt with a desire to bring a fresh perspective to the world of hunting videos, this team of hunting industry professionals spends hundreds of days each season hunting, filming, and now working with SJK Hunting’s new line of hunting gear.

SJK Hunting’s new for 2014 line incorporates proven military features and functionality into every product. Lightweight materials, durable construction, cutting edge Kryptek camouflage, and an extensive amount of input from the highly experienced team at Outback Outdoors combine to create some of the most cutting edge backpacks, treestand bags, and accessories available.

SJK Hunting launched their first ever line of hunting specific backpacks, treestand bags, and accessories at the annual SHOT Trade Show in Salt Lake City on January 14, 2014. Retail availability is scheduled for summer 2014.

About SJK Hunting
Established in 1957 to provide outdoor enthusiasts with comfortable sleep solutions, SJK Hunting (formerly Slumberjack) has grown into one of the most respected names in camping gear. A complete line of sleeping bags to accommodate any budget has expanded to include tents, camp furniture, and the new for 2014 line of performance hunting packs, tents, and tree stand bags. From family campers to hunters, SJK Tactical Hunting has the gear needed to get the most out of any wilderness experience. For more info on SJK Tactical Hunting, please contact


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