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The Slumberjack Pro Purchase Program is designed to connect and build relationships with professionals and influencers in the outdoor industry. Please read our eligibility requirements and FAQs for further information.

You must have a Slumberjack account to apply. If you already have a regular, non-Pro Slumberjack account, click 'Login To Apply' below. If not, please click 'Create Account' to start the application process.

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Eligibility & Pro Purchase Guidelines

The Slumberjack Pro Purchase Program is intended for individual use only. This program is not intended to purchase products for others, to resell Slumberjack gear, or purchase for groups; doing so will jeopardize your participation in this program. For group purchases, please contact your local sales representative.

To apply, click on the “Apply” or “Create Account” buttons above. We will respond to your application in approximately 5 business days. Members of the program will receive special pricing on our products, a direct link for communication and feedback and a first look at Slumberjack’s latest happenings, design and development, product releases and videos.

If you have a Pro Sales Program card, enter the Pro Card Code above.

Please note our Pro Purchase program is available in the U.S. only.

Slumberjack Pro Purchase Sales Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I join?
The Slumberjack Pro Purchase Program is a membership program for qualified pros and influencers specific to our brand. Membership is by application only. Membership is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time. If you are interested in applying, please follow the steps above.

2. How do I make a pro return? Can I return to a store?
If you need to return or exchange an item for any reason, please contact our Customer Service department at 1-800-233-6283. Please refer to our return policy for instructions. Returns will not be accepted at any retail location.

3. How long is my Pro account active?
Your account will be active for two years before you are prompted to reapply. Slumberjack reserves the right to terminate membership at any time if program abuse is suspected.

4. Can I purchase a gift for someone with my discount?
This program is for your personal and individual use only. Any gift purchasing will result in the immediate cancellation of your account. Once a year, we may offer a friends-and-family sale on specific products, and this is your opportunity to purchase for others. You will only be alerted of this sale if you opt into our newsletters.

5. Can I apply for the program if I work internationally?
The Pro Program is not available outside of the USA.

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