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Our team of experienced hunters and outdoorsmen blend a passion for hunting with a desire to bring a fresh perspective to the world of hunting and outdoor adventures. Our team of hunting professionals spends hundreds of days each season hunting, filming, and now working with Slumberjack’s new line of hunting gear.


Adam Wells

Adam has dedicated both his career and his passions towards ensuring the longevity of our natural resources and the outdoor sporting traditions that they provide. Adam's knowledge and experience have been developed through years of work as a Ranch Wildlife Manager; Big Game, Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter; Fly-fishing Guide; Commissioned State Parks Ranger; and Vice President of an outdoor product manufacturing company. Adam is also a host for the popular TV show OUTBACK OUTDOORS that airs on the Sportsman Channel. Through his multi-faceted career, Adam has developed many different avenues for sharing his appreciation and love for the outdoors to people that have not yet had the fortune of experiencing our sporting traditions, and is always looking for new ways to expand his mission.

Trevon Stoltzfus

A former collegiate and freestyle wrestler and professional bull rider, Trevon was born and raised in southern NM, where he had the privilege of working as an Elk, Mule Deer, and Antelope guide. From an early age the love of hunting, fishing, and the outdoors was instilled in him by a heritage passed down through his grandfather, uncles, and older cousins. Having taken numerous trophy big game animals he now desires to pass that passion for the outdoors on to others through the written word, outdoor seminars, television, and videos. Trevon has had the pleasure of being an outdoor writer in the hunting industry along with appearing on various outdoor TV shows. He is also one of the hosts of the popular OUTBACK OUTDOORS TV show on the Sportsman Channel. Trevon also is an outdoor seminar speaker and appears at many hunting and outdoor events sharing his love of the outdoors and personally teaching others the secrets of consistent success bowhunting for big game.

Dave Beronio

Dave was born and raised in Lake Tahoe, NV along the rugged snowy peaks of the Sierra Nevada's. The mountains provided opportunities for excellent hunting, fishing and ski racing, which as a kid, were skills passed on by generations of avid competitors.Growing up an athlete, Dave traveled the Alpine ski racing circuit as an Elite level skier, competing all over North America and around the world. He used this talent and secured a scholarship to attend and compete for the University of Nevada Reno while working on his Business Degree. However, hunting remained his true passion.

Lane Walter

Lane was born in Powell Wyoming and moved to northern colorado when he was 7 years old. He started shooting archery when he was 12 and by the time he was 14 he was competing in national and world tournaments, Lane won a bronze medal in Belfast Ireland at the 2013 World Police and Fire Games.

Lane grew up in the outdoors, spending a lot of time hunting and fishing with his father and twin brother. He started bowhunting when he was 19 and was fortunate enough to have some great role models with whom he contributes his early success.

Lane is married to his beautiful wife Becca and a proud father of his son Easton. He is a firefighter for the Denver Fire Department and believes that perseverance and loyalty are overlooked keys to success in all aspects of life.

Somehow Lane finds time to hunt while being a full time firefighter training to be a cop. Being a Wyoming native and growing up with a twin brother has made Lane an adventure seeker with a keen eye for hitting his targets. He's been a great gear tester as he landed a huge Ram last season and competes in the Train to Hunt challenges, he puts our packs to the test and provides great feedback - we are grateful to have Lane apart of the SJK crew!


Shelley Wampler

Shelley was fortunate to grow up in a household that cherished the outdoors. She attributes her passion and knowledge of the outdoors to her dad. Together, they spent time in duck blinds, tree stands, bass boats, and ski lifts; though, to this day, her favorite will always be standing in a high mountain stream fly fishing for native trout.

In 2001, Shelley joined the United States Army Reserve. She spent 7 years serving as a Supply Sergeant and was activated in 2003 under Enduring Freedom. Utilizing her military benefits, Shelley earned her Master’s Degree in Management with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration in 2013. Now, she and Justin use their experience and shared love of the outdoors to plan their upcoming adventures.


Justin Wampler

Born and raised in Oklahoma, hunting was instilled in him from a young age. Hunting whitetails, running coonhounds, and calling coyotes were the norm. Although not knowing his passion for hunting would consume him later in life, Justin spent majority of his time in sports, playing 4 years of Varsity Basketball, winning a state title in football, to 3 years of Arena Football after high school. Years of hunting adventures and discipline on the field have taught Justin the skills he needs to be a solid marksman and hunter. These attributes also helped him land his wife, a fellow hunter and archer as well. They moved to Colorado in 2004 and immediately jumped into the 3-D archery scene. Their shooting skills have led them to several local titles a few top five finishes in national competitions. The two have traveled the world pursuing their passions.

Jim Erwin

Jim Erwin has built his entire career on one premise – to protect. A veteran of US military and Special Operations units, he is a former Delta Operator; Ranger Rifle Team Leader; and led a sniper team for long-range, special operations.

Mitchell Henry

Mitchell Henry, 23 years old from Elizabethtown KY, played 4 years of college football at western Ky university. Was a free agent to the Green Bay packers, played first 6 games of 2015 season with the Denver broncos and ended that season with the Green Bay packers. Grew up hunting all of my life for deer, turkey, waterfowl, and other small game with my dad. Hunting and the outdoors has always been a huge impact in my life and is something I couldn't live without. I also lie to camp and fish and do anything that involves the outdoors. Check out Mitchel’s adventures on Instagram

Kyle Stapleton

Born and raised in Southern Ohio, the outdoors has always been one of my biggest passions. I’ve been hunting and fishing throughout the Midwest all of my life. Anything from deer and turkey to pheasants and doves, I enjoy it all. For me, hunting is more than just harvesting a trophy animal, it’s the memories and moments that lead up to the harvest that truly make the hunt great. Of course I love being able to provide food and make delicious meals with the harvest, but that’s just an added bonus for me. Follow the action on Instagram

Jana Waller and Her Skull Bound Crew

Jana Waller grew up in the town of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and has been a hunter and angler for three decades.  Earning a Public Relations degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Jana has blended her passion for hunting and fishing with her communications background, actively promoting women in the outdoors and undeniable relationship between hunters and conservation. 

A bowhunting veteran of 20+ years, Jana started out hunting whitetails but has since traveled the globe with her bow in tow, hunting in Africa, Canada and all over North America.  Jana is currently hosting and co-producing her own show called ‘SKULL BOUND TV’ on The Sportsman Channel where her adventures and her artwork are shared with millions.  A ‘BONE-IFIED’ skull artist, Jana has been painting and beading European skulls for over a decade, selling her unique artwork in galleries and retail stores as well as custom designing skulls for hunters across the country.  Follow Jana and her crew on Instagram

Coyote Control Specialists

Colby Lankford, Cody Mattson, and Erik Jacobs enjoy every feasible second in the outdoors pursuing each legal game animal offered in Oregon. Although they are known for hunting coyotes, they also equally enjoy hunting rocky mountain elk, mule deer, white tail, black bear, and turkeys. Their adventures are grand and they never come home empty handed.  Predator control is about conservation and land management the more you understand our impact on nature the more you’ll realize how we have to step in sometime. Follow their adventures on Instagram

The Mud Bums

Pulling giant catfish out of a living, breathing river is an experience like no other. It’s one of those things that makes you feel alive. Guess you could say it’s also one of the things that binds us together. The MudBums are lifelong friends, Iowa boys and outdoor fanatics to the core – hunting, fishing, camping, you name it. But their favorite time of year is when they’re out on the river in search of monster trophy catfish, mainly flatheads. Of course, like any fisherman knows, it’s not just about the fishing. It’s about the adventure, the stories and kickin’ back with a cold one in the company of friends.  Check out their adventures! Catch the action on Instagram

Tyler Vrbas

Tyler was born and raised in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. From a young age, his family had him involved in everything outdoors: Boy Scouts, hunting, fishing, biking, motorcycling, snowmobiling, shed hunting, and like most, school sports. His passion for hunting started with small game which taught him the values of hunting. Transitioning to big game at the age of 12, he has hunted most all the big game Colorado has to offer. Loving to hunt, he has incorporated bow and muzzleloader hunting for more of an intimate encounter with nature. After college, he spent time in the fire service (Wild Land and Structure), following his father’s footsteps as a volunteer fireman.

Career changes brought him to Denver, CO where he met and married his wife. Fortunate for Tyler, she is from South Dakota (another Sportsman’s Paradise State). They now enjoy yearly trips to Mobridge, South Dakota for pheasant hunting and walleye fishing. He has been using Slumberjack products since he was in Boy Scouts and is proud to today to test and share all the products they sell.   Follow Tyler on Instagram

Erica Forsyth

Erica loves promoting women in the hunting industry by teaching conservation and spreading knowledge in the outdoors. Growing up in Southern British Columbia, hunting and fishing with her dad made for special memories. Now she enjoys days in the field with her husband and two little girls. Whether it be with bow or rifle she tries to seize every opportunity that she can to get out in the field.  Erica is proud to have been apart of  The Extreme Huntress™ Competition and supporting their cause about preserving the outdoor heritage by creating positive role models for women who want to participate in hunting.  After all, hunting is not just a sport, but rather a way of life that we need to protect for future generations.  Be inspired & follow Erica on Instagram

Jeanne McFall

Her first hunts were along side her father at the age of 15 when she had to pack out after a blizzard dropped 4 feet of snow on their camp. Her father transitioned into hunting birds so Jeanne has learned to hunt on her own and had never looked back. She has pursued a wide variety of animals from Moose and Elk to Antelope and deer with her bow and rifle. As a competitor on Extreme Huntress, Jeanne showed her skills as a solid marks women and steward of wildlife management and conservation. Pursuing her own food source not only nourishes her body but feeds her soul.  Passionate about her sport and eager to pass on her knowledge to her son, Jeanne provides the SJK team with great feedback on gear and a peek into her adventurous life. Follow her pursuits on Instagram

Tammi Arnold & Dressed to Kill Gals

Is a group of lady hunters from all over the country who really get after it. They are all talented marks women with several (Pheasant) feathers in their hats. Be it bow or rifle these girls hit the mark.  You’ll find them up in a treestand or hiding out in a duck blind, forget the mall these ladies would rather roam the woods. Check out the ladies on Instagram

Prime Revolution

The Capurro’s and The Dianda’s are native Nevadan families who share an intense passion for hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors. Their family bond and common passion has formed The Prime Revolution. They are happiest when pursuing big game animals, waterfowl or fishing. Whether it is deer, bear, sheep, antelope, mountain lion or elk just to name a few, the Prime Revolution team want to bring their adventures to you. Mike Dianda, Clint Capurro and their friends and families make up the core of the Prime Revolution Team and will bring their hunting heritage and lifestyle to the screen and to their fans. Prime Revolution will be full of surprises, great hunts, laughs, high fives, dirt roads, awesome animals, and unforgettable memories.