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Sleeping Bags

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When you're exploring the great outdoors, the last thing you want is to be slowed down by restless, uncomfortable nights that leave you fatigued instead of recharged. That's why Slumberjack's sleeping bags, quilts and camp pads are specifically engineered to provide the coziness and convenience of sleeping in your own bed - even when camping in the middle of nowhere.

Our flagship sleeping bags are loaded with intuitive comfort features like our patented foot box designs that allow natural side sleeping instead of forcing you into a restrictive mummy position. We use premium insulations like thick hollow fiberfills and water-resistant Down to provide warmth without excessive heat buildup.

Our interior linings feature soft, bedsheet-like cottons to cradle you in home-like comfort. Meanwhile, rugged exterior shells like canvas and rip-stop nylons with DWR coatings protect you from outside moisture. We even build in amenities like integrated pillows, stash pockets and weatherproof foot vents.

Need even more convenience? Our double-wide sleeping bag and blanket systems create multi-person accommodations ideal for family camping. Zip-together bags give couples ultimate snuggle capability while staying warm and cozy all night long.

But sleep systems aren't the only reason to choose Slumberjack's expertise. Our specialized self-inflating camp pads and air beds provide crucial insulation layers between you and the hard ground. High-density closed-cell foams alternate hot loft and heat barrier layers for perfectly regulated sleep temperatures.

From home-like linings to multi-person accommodations, Slumberjack's sleeping bags, quilts, and camp pads elevate campsite rest to a luxury experience. Proper sleep is crucial to operating at peak performance and attentiveness during days in the field - stay energized by relying on Slumberjack's comfort-focused gear.