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When you're exploring the great outdoors, having the right camping equipment can make all the difference between an epic adventure and an uncomfortable nightmare scenario. That's why Slumberjack designs all its camping gear around the core principles of comfort, convenience and long-lasting quality.

Our flagship camping tents and shelters get you covered and protected from the elements faster than any other options. Streamlined shock-corded pole designs, intuitive instructions and built-in fireplaces areas reduce pitching headaches. We use advanced waterproof fabrics and materials proven to withstand extreme conditions season after season.

Of course, no camping experience would be complete without Slumberjack's renowned sleeping bags and camp pads to provide home-like sleeping comfort. Our patented foot box designs allow natural side sleeping while premium insulations and linings make crawling into your bag feel like slipping into fresh bedsheets. We also offer versatile double-bag and rectangular styles for families.

But we didn't stop at just shelters and sleep systems. Slumberjack's lineup extends to every piece of camping equipment you need to create a cozy, functioning base camp optimized for memory-making. Our innovative shelters incorporate amenities like hanging storage pockets, Velcro attachment points, lighting solutions and more.

Our specialized camping chairs, cots and furniture elevate you up off hard, uneven ground so your back stays supported and pain-free. We incorporate family-friendly touches like multi-configuration settings, cup holders and breathing mesh materials. Even our hydration reservoirs and camp accessories simplify cooking, cleaning and refueling.

From quick-pitch tents to ultra-cozy sleep systems to tailored camp furniture, every single Slumberjack camping product is engineered around maximizing comfort and convenience - because experiencing the great outdoors should be an enjoyable adventure, not an endurance test. Build out your campsite with our premium outdoor equipment and embrace nature on your own terms.


As an avid angler, the key to more successful days on the water often hinges on your gear's ability to keep you comfortable, mobile and equipped for the elements. The premium Compass 360 fishing line provides the purpose-built technical apparel and equipment you need to extend your passion's pursuits.

Our flagship Compass 360 waders are built around advanced waterproof/breathable fabric laminates like microporous membranes that create a formidable moisture barrier yet allow internal vapor transfer. This prevents the cold, clammy discomfort of perspiration buildup so you can stay dry and agile all day long. We offer traditional neoprene and stockingfoot options, including the revolutionary front-zip Deadfall design.

When surprise storms roll in, Compass 360's technical rainwear has you covered - literally. Our ultralight TPU fabrications shed moisture while venting excessive heat buildup. The packable jackets and pants can be rapidly deployed and stowed again in an instant.

Serious anglers require a streamlined system for keeping all their tools and tackle organized yet rapidly accessible. That's why Compass 360 technical fishing vests put a new spin on hands-free convenience with their array of specialized pockets, attachment points and rod parks. We build them with water-resistant materials too.

Of course, no angling setup is complete without a solid traction system underfoot. Compass 360 wading boots and shoes utilize advanced grip technologies like our Locking Stud Grips and interchangeable felt/rubber outsoles to maximize stability on submerged terrain. Built-in drainage ports and fast-drying materials prevent foot slog.

From your head down to your wading boots, Compass 360's premium fishing solutions provide the protective barrier and functional edge required to make the most of every moment you have on the water. Equip yourself with our cutting-edge offerings and spend more time fishing instead of battling your gear.


When your hunting pursuits take you deep into unforgiving wilderness environments, ordinary gear won't cut it. You need purpose-built equipment that can handle the harsh elements and still deliver the performance required to punch your tag - and that's exactly what you'll find in SJK Gear's innovative hunting lineup.

Our state-of-the-art hunting equipment is meticulously engineered to help you go further, hunt harder and experience more success on each adventure. Starting with Kryptek's advanced camouflage technology, SJK incorporates cutting-edge materials and designs that are rigorously tested to thrive in grueling field conditions.

SJK's vests and packs integrate intelligent features like built-in rifle rests and ammo holders to keep your essential accessories organized and accessible. Our heavy-hauler frame systems can shoulder bone-crushing loads of meat and gear over unforgiving terrain. When you're glassing that distant ridgeline, our portable camouflage shelters give you vital concealment in multiple, easy configurations.

From our breathable performance apparel down to our rugged, featherweight camp furniture, every piece of SJK's arsenal is purpose-built to be your unfair advantage on the hunt. We incorporate cutting-edge technologies like advanced insulation layering and hydrophobic Down to provide warmth without weighing you down.

Why settle for second-best when SJK provides the high-performance, field-proven equipment giving elite hunters the edge? With SJK's innovative lineup, the only thing slowing your success is your own limitations. Gear up and own the hunt.