Simply put, DriDown™ represents the evolution of down insulation.

Regular down is treated with a molecular level polymer to create a hydrophobic finish on each individual down plume. This finish allows DriDown™ to stay dry longer, loft better, and dry faster than untreated down, keeping you warmer in any environment.

Technology Explanation

It’s widely accepted that down is the best insulation available… lighter, warmer, more compressible, and more durable than any other natural or synthetic insulation ever created. But down has one major flaw. As it gets wet from rain, condensation, humidity, or sweat, it begins losing its loft and its ability to keep you warm.

DriDown’s™ hydrophobic finish is key to the outstanding performance of DriDown™, enabling sleeping bags and jackets insulated with DriDown™ to stay drier, loft better, and dry faster than bags and jackets insulated with untreated down. This means any bag or jacket insulated with DriDown™ will keep you warmer, longer in any situation.

Environmental Standards

DriDown™ is made with natural down and, unlike synthetic insulations, is not made from petroleum products. Down is a renewable natural resource and we’ve found that DriDown’s™ hydrophobic finish actually increases its durability over untreated down, enhancing the longevity of your apparel and sleeping bags. We are working on tests to measure how much more durable DriDown™ actually is

All components of the polymer used in DriDown™ (including chemical manufacturing, finished chemical, and down processing) have been evaluated and rated as non-hazardous to human health, safety, and the environment by a third-party, internationally recognized agency. This rating tells the world that DriDown™ meets or exceeds rigorous standards for health, safety, and environmental sustainability.

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