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After a grueling day of chasing big game over harsh mountain terrain, being able to recharge and recover is critical to maintaining peak mental and physical performance for the next pursuit. That's why the innovative, heavy-duty camp chairs and cots from SJK are designed to bring ultimate comfort and support to even the most rugged wilderness campsites.

Our deluxe cot designs incorporate advanced aluminum frames and high-density sleep surface materials to provide a stable, supportive platform optimized for giving you restful nights under the stars. SJK cots utilize cutting-edge insulation and thermal layering to insulate you from cold ground environments.


Need to catch a quick power nap after a long high-elevation stalk or to linger long hours in a concealed blind? The chairs in SJK's lineup are the ultimate in portable seating. Ultralight yet overbuilt for demanding situations, our seats use reinforced frames and ripstop fabrics to withstand punishment.


For base camp, we provide deluxe loungers and recliner systems built around ergonomic designs to cradle you in comfort after muscle-shredding days on the hunt. Breathable mesh materials and adjustable suspensions give you customized cooling and fit.

Many SJK chairs and cots feature additional clever amenities like hanging storage pockets, cup holders and organization solutions for stashing small accessories. Heavy-duty carry bags make them easy to transport into remote camps.


Time spent recovering often dictates success on the next big hunt or expedition. With SJK camp furniture solutions at your base camp, you'll rest easier, wake refreshed and be ready to tackle any outdoor pursuit head-on. Don't settle for ordinary camp chairs that leave you feeling fatigued - choose SJK's comfort-optimized designs.